About Dell Technologies


Expertise from end to end.

Dell Technologies OEM Solutions is redefining how OEMs bring products to market. Your unique products require unique solutions. And unique is exactly what you’ll get with OEM Solutions end-to-end expertise, support and global network of top-tier partners. Together, we can turn your ideas into the next generation of OEM customer-influenced, tailored and fully customized solutions.

OEM customers are different. That’s why, in addition to offering Dell Technologies standard products, we have special tailored offerings that cut it where others can’t.


OEM Solutions offerings help you:

• Brand across your complete solution.

• Focus on your IP and competitive differentiation, not the hardware it runs on.

• Give your customers a tier-1 quality customer experience across the globe.

• Accommodate your lengthy development and testing requirements before moving to next generation.

• Customize your solution for when standard off-the-shelf offerings don’t meet the need.

You want to grow your brand, create exceptional customer experiences and be competitively differentiated. That’s why we create product & capabilities to allow you to focus on what you do best – innovating.

Dell Technologies Product

1. Rack Server


 New PowerEdge rack servers are designed with intrinsic security from concept to retirement, and optimized to power your systems to work together and independently.


2. Tower Servers


Available in a range of sizes, from mini-towers to rack-capable platforms, PowerEdge tower servers offer the performance, versatility and quiet operations that are ideal for small, large, and remote offices.



3. Data Storage


Consolidate your storage with the PowerVault Series purpose-built and optimized for entry-level SAN and DAS environments. The ME4 Series is ideal for supporting workloads such as HPC, Surveillance/CCTV, Virtualization with VMware and Microsoft, Server Expansion, and many more.