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The Engine at the Heart of your Design

Scalable Manageable Customizable

Flexible architecture that adapts to routine or complex solutions today and tomorrow

Automate intelligence in the system to support business innovation and differentiation.

Tailor hardware and software using unique capabilities that make it one of a kind.


PowerEdge is a portfolio of server solutions designed to meet a range of applications for OEM’s. Each system is designed to deliver three capabilities which are important to every modern computing environment.

Scalable Business Architecture – A scalable business architecture is important for delivering value today while preparing for the innovations of tomorrow.

Effortless Management – Effortless management is about leveraging the intelligence within the system to increase the efficiency in managing solutions.

Integrated Security – Trust is a critical requirement in business today and the integrated security built into every PowerEdge server helps you protect your appliances when built so you can deliver that trust to your customers.