3 benefits of a cloud-based physical security solution

After conducting a survey on the state of the physical security industry, our report indicated that 47% of physical security professionals plan to begin or further deploy parts of their security solution to the Cloud.

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As more organizations move their systems to the cloud, it’s important to understand why. If you’re still reluctant to make the switch, check out the top 3 benefits of cloud-based solutions.


#1 Achieve higher levels of redundancy 

Whether you choose a full cloud solution or the hybrid deployment method, your system data can be stored in triplicate in the cloud. That means, if there’s a natural disaster at your location, or if there’s a server failure at your data center, you’ll always have access to your system and information.  

#2 Encrypt data between your devices to the cloud 

Encryption is critical to upholding the protection of your data and security systems. With cloud solutions, all information that is sent between your devices to the cloud is fully encrypted. So, even if a threat actor gains access to your data, they won’t be able to read or see it without an encryption key.  

#3 Maintain less hardware, get exposed to fewer risks 

With a true cloud solution, you only need your cameras. There are no servers to maintain and install. That means there are fewer points of entry for potential attackers to target. With less vulnerability, your network and business are more resilient.  

How do I get started with cloud adoption?  

As demand for computing power and storage requirements increase, most businesses will need more manageable and affordable ways to accommodate their physical security needs. Cloud solutions not only offer you an easier, more agile deployment path, they also help you maintain a strong cybersecurity posture.  

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As you journey towards cloud adoption, here are key considerations to keep in mind when looking at cloud-based physical security solutions

  • Choose a vendor who prioritizes cybersecurity – Supply chain risks are becoming a bigger concern. Who you partner with and how they manage their cybersecurity protection can make a difference to your cyber resilience. Choosing a vendor who adheres to rigorous security controls and prioritizes cybersecurity in the development of cloud solutions is a must in today’s threat landscape.  

  • Consider where you want to store your data – Being able to specify the geographic regions where you want your systems, recordings, or data to be stored ensures higher levels of governance and privacy compliance. Making sure your chosen vendor can accommodate your operational boundaries is critical.   

  • Start with a hybrid deployment method – If your organization isn’t ready for full-scale cloud deployment, why not try a hybrid cloud deployment with one system or application first? Starting with a small pilot project can help showcase the true value and cybersecurity of cloud services, with little risk and upfront investments.  

Find out how much you could save with a cloud deployment  

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