AXIS : Webinar "Introduction to network audio: The essentials of the network (IP) audio"

Axis network audio portfolio. The power of network (IP) audio helps you to proactively protect people and property in different scenarios. It can also help you to create a pleasant environment to optimize your daily operations.

Get started to explore the different opportunities of using Axis network audio solutions that could create a higher security and safety environment and improve the operational efficiency of your business operation. It is easy to install, maintain and scale based on different situational requirements.

This webinar will feature:

  • Be familiar with the essentials of the network (IP) audio
  • Explore and understand audio-related topics like audio theory, audio-system design, and network-audio management
  • Engage you through the use of network-audio solutions in different case scenarios

Who should attend?
For technical / sales professionals in the network video surveillance and audio industries.

Webinar details:

Date:  Wednesday, 10 May 2022, Tuesday
Time: ​​​​​ 9:00AM - 11:00AM (GMT+7)
Language: English
This training is open to all Axis distributors only and free of charge.

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