About Us

Since 2000, Bacom Internetwork Co., Ltd. has been the pioneering marketer and distributor of some of the most intelligent and innovative security technologies in Thailand.




We pride ourselves in equipping our customers with the best in cutting edge security systems and facilities through our synergetic partnerships with renowned suppliers from across the globe. Our expertise and services are unparalleled – Bacom Internetwork’s team are highly knowledgeable and experienced in supporting security system integrators and equipment supplier companies for HD CCTV, Software VMS, HD Storage, Network Equipment and LED Lighting ,We pride ourselves to our expertise and services are unparalleled.

We also provide specialized support in custom turnkey systems that integrate different technologies, thus adding value to your business operations.

Together with our professional team of skillful technical, engineering and marketing specialists, you can be sure that we are expertly experienced to design, recommend and implement state of the art security system that is tailor made to meet the ever-changing security demands of your business.


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  • Maintenance & After Sale Service Team
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BACOM Business

Always at the forefront of the latest innovations in security technologies, our prime commitment to you lies in the distribution and application of our in-depth knowledge in closed circuit television business development, channel development, distribution strategies and the marketing of technologically advanced platform for the integration of security products.

At BACOM, we focus our knowledge and experiences on three key components:

Providing security system integrator and channel distributors across Thailand with innovative and proven products that are sourced globally for the benefit of their respective markets.

Providing technical advices, solutions and after-sales services for security system integrators during and after product integrations.

Providing Preventive maintenance for our valued Partners and Customers