Protecting staff, customers and assets

Video surveillance is not only about improving your protection against robberies. It is also about providing a secure environment for your staff and customers – anywhere from the parking lot to the vaults.

BACOM Solution offers a scalable surveillance platform, enabling you to:

  • Create a future-proof, flexible and cost-efficient surveillance system
  • Monitor multiple branches from a central or mobile location, and rapidly verify and respond to alarms
  • Capture HDTV quality video of all incidents, thus shortening investigation times
  • Stay one step ahead of violence and fraud

Meeting your specific surveillance needs

See what is benefit from the world’s leading range of network cameras as BACOM have, including:

  • Deterring entrance cameras
  • Discreet exit cameras
  • High-resolution lobby cameras
  • ATM monitoring solutions for both indoor and outdoor use.

For recording, you can use standard IP-based storage solutions, which means that you no longer have to worry about malfunctioning recorders that can take weeks to replace.