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Get started today! with AXIS : ACC (Axis Camera Companion)


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The AXIS Camera Companion software client, supporting up to 16 cameras, is available for download right here — FREE. It’s that easy.
And to make it extra easy to design the right system for your customers, we’ve developed the AXIS Camera Companion Buyers Tool, which helps you quickly create a list of suitable cameras, required network equipment and more. Naturally, this tool is free to use, and available for download to mobile devices.

Download AXIS Camera Companion software client
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How it works ?
The unique AXIS Camera Companion concept
An AXIS Camera Companion system consists of Axis cameras, SD cards, software for PC and mobile devices, and network equipment. Video is recorded to the SD card inside the camera, making each camera an independent surveillance device. That means there’s no need for a DVR, NVR or computer during operation — making the system extremely simple and cost-effective.
The AXIS Camera Companion software client automatically discovers all the cameras and helps you set up the system in no time. Simply mount the cameras and it’s ready to go. (And with cameras powered over the network, installation is extremely easy.)

The real-time video is available for secure viewing anywhere, anytime on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or remote computer. Simple. Convenient. Reliable.
Speaking of reliability, AXIS Camera Companion works brilliantly with an Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS). In fact, with Power over Ethernet, a single UPS can secure not only the network equipment but also all the cameras — perfect in areas with unreliable power.  Take an interactive tour to see exactly how AXIS Camera Companion works.