Etherwan wins in-vehicle surveillance


Etherwan wins in-vehicle surveillance contract for german transport company

KVS Bus company in Saarlouis Germany has chosen Etherwan and Plustek to provide a robust in-vehicle IP surveillance solution.

There is an increasing demand for mobile, field based surveillance systems especially on motor vehicles. These systems rely on Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology to reduce installation costs and make data transmission to a central server very easy.

Mobile video surveillance is becoming more common, as more police departments, ambulance services, and transportation companies see the benefits it can bring. With a PoE switch installed in a vehicle, it eliminates the need for an electrician to install an outlet near a powered device. PoE brings efficiency to Ethernet-based communications in mobility by providing power to the Cat-5 LAN cable.

In-Vehicle surveillance solution developers often struggle to optimise system performance whilst solving potential over-heat and vibration issues. A smplified cabling structure in the bus environment also makes easy installation a priority. Reliability of the networking equipment inside the bus is the key factor to determine the overall IP surveillance solution efficiency. Some PoE networking switches are too fragile to be installed in such harsh environments. Only a ruggedised solution package could deliver to ultimately reduce the cost of maintenance.

Etherwan's hardened switch series, EX34080-00B, E-Mark certified, features PoE (IEEE 802.3af 15W or 30W on each) and optional web-smart feature with wide operating temperature range from -40°C to 75°C. To accommodate the power input only available from the bus, Etherwan also provides an E-Mark certified power supply converting from 12-36VDC to 48VDC as defined in IEEE 802.3af standard. The robust design of the EX34080-00B makes the network connectivity tough to withstand the often-heavy vibrations generated by the bus. It is also capable of withstanding the temperature fluctuations inside the bus.

Plustek’s NVR 4200V is a mobile network video recorder specifically designed for transit applications. It is an ideal choice for mobile surveillance in all types of public and commercial vehicles such as fire engines, taxis, vans, buses, trains, trams, limousines and heavy goods vehicles. Along with the in-vehicle ruggedised PoE IP cameras from Axis Communications, with excellent network connectivitity of Etherwan's EX34080-00B, the complete solution provides high reliability and availability to KVS Bus service in Saarlouis City.

The 1st phase of field test was completed with very positive result. According to Etherwan, KVS is very happy with the outcome and are ready to move on with more installations. This project will involve installing around 88 buses over 2 years.


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