VD Series

The World’s First 4K Ultra HD Hardware Decode Linux-embedded Video Decoder

DIGIEVER Video Wall Decoder is a high performance video wall decoder solution for users to monitor up to 25 channels local display with superb 4K Ultra HD hardware decode performance.

DIGIEVER Video Wall Station is the world’s first 4K UHD hardware decode Linux-embedded video station offering a high performance video wall decoder solution. Users can monitor up to 25 channel liveview on local display via HDMI and DVI-I connectors. DIGIEVER Video Wall Station offers four models, VD-0025, VD-0036, VD-0049 and VD-0064, with different supported channels to satisfy video surveillance requirements in diverse applications such as control rooms and stadiums.


Superb 4K UHD Local Display

● Support 8 megapixel (4K UHD) IP cameras with hardware decode
● Up to 25 channels real-time local display
● Mirror/Dual Display via HDMI/DVI-I
● Support Immervision panomorph dewarping engine
● Support 60FPS IP camera
● Dual-stream optimization for better video quality

Powered by high performance Intel Dual Core CPU, DIGIEVER Video Wall Station is the world’s first Linux-embedded video wall decoder to perform 4K UHD IP cameras giving user the smallest detail to solidly guard your secure area. With cutting-edge hardware decode technology. DIGIEVER Video Wall Station features dual-stream optimization for different display modes to optimize display performance and to adjust bandwidth loading. For multi-monitor surveillance requirements, user can make use of HDMI and DVI-I video output to display two monitors in two different areas without installing extra PC.


Multi-channel Playback

● 4-channel simultaneous playback from DIGIEVER NVRs
● Playback speed control to shorten video tracking time
● Intuitive thumbnail preview

Video playback is an important way for video surveillance to track real event situation. DIGIEVER Video Wall Station features 4-channel simultaneous playback to let entry level security personnel assist in figuring out event situation in order to minimize the injury, loss or damage.


Comprehensive Compatible Capability

● Support over 120 IP camera brands and more than 5500 IP cameras
● Support ONVIF / Generic RTSP & MJPEG

DIGIEVER Video Wall Station is fully integrated with DIGIEVER NVR and has high compatible ability with IP cameras, which allows users to easily select suitable IP cameras for different projects and applications. Moreover, DIGIEVER Video Wall Station also supports other standard video streaming formats such as ONVIF, Generic RTSP and Generic MJPEG to quickly build suitable video surveillance environment.


User-friendly Design

● Trouble-free installation in 4 Steps
● Quickly add NVR and camera via UPnP search
● PC-less operation with USB type keyboard and mouse
● Support 25 languages
● Smart control via remote controller (Optional)

The user interface and operation design is based on that of DIGIEVER NVR, so users can quickly start operating DIGIEVER Video Wall Station with zero learning curve. Four steps, less than 3 minutes, the setting of camera, system, network environment and date/time can be easily set up. Besides, users can also use optional remote controller to remotely control and manage your region without the restriction of mouse and keyboard. Furthermore, DIGIEVER Video Wall Decoder supports 24 language versions to break the limitation of language and nations.


Reliable Linux-embedded system

● Complete log information
● Flexible user privilege management
● Save/Load configuration file via USB dongle/PC

DIGIEVER Video Wall Station adopts Linux-embedded operating system with high reliability and power saving features. DIGIEVER Video Wall Station is your best choice to save your money on power bill. As for user privilege management, administer can create users and power users to assign suitable surveillance privilege to ensure the safety of your region. Furthermore, completer log information provides users a quick overview to understand system status so as to maintain and manage surveillance system. Finally, Video Wall Station also allows installers to save configured configuration file to USB device or on your remote PC so that they can efficiently load the configuration file to other Video Wall Decoders.