Brickcom Corporation is a leading network video manufacturer in the IP surveillance industry. Dedicated to providing the best IP surveillance solutions, the company is strategically located worldwide to provide prompt quality service. Brickcom has a solid foundation for engineering quality network video equipment with a Research and Development Department that has been producing wireless broadband networking equipment for over twenty years.


Brickcom offers a one-stop shop for all the equipment needed to build a complete IP surveillance solution for any application. Brickcom does this by offering a complete suite of products which includes a full range of megapixel IP network cameras equipped with H.264 compression and PoE; camera accessories; embedded and PC-based Network Video Recorders (NVR); Central Management System (CMS); and networking equipment such as wireless AP/Routers, 3G, WiFi, and WiMAX devices.

Megapixel technology is currently at the pinnacle of camera resolution systems so Brickcom ensures that its IP Cameras are equipped with megapixel sensors to deliver high quality surveillance. Brickcom’s complete suite of products are compatible with Power-over-Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af Standard) allowing for easy camera deployment. The cameras and NVRS are embedded with H.264 video compression to reduce bandwidth and storage requirements. Brickcom has developed a user-friendly web interface configuration which allows for complete web-based user/administrator control over video streaming and analysis.

Brickcom’s Research and Development Department strives to develop new platforms to improve on the latest technology. Brickcom is constantly evolving to lead the way in technological advancements. To date, Brickcom provides the latest in network security to prevent unauthorized access to the network. Quality products coupled with impenetrable security makes Brickcom the company of choice for global network surveillance solutions.


Brick One Solution®

The BrickOne Solution® offers customers a one-stop shop for all the equipment needed to build a complete IP surveillance system. Brickcom IP cameras are unique because they provide a standalone security system. With H.264 video compression, IVA features, built-in SD storage, and Power over Ethernet, they are remotely accessible by web browser and 3G accessible mobile devices. Brickcom can provide a surveillance solution for any application, from building to residence surveillance. By offering the BrickOne Solution®, Brickcom strives to break down the barriers to IP surveillance and provide its customers with the best solution for their security needs.


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