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AXIS Camera Companion
The easiest way to network video surveillance

  • Growing your digital surveillance business has never been this easy

Your small-business customers are smart. They know there’s cool, new technology out there, and they’re looking for the professionals who have it. Now, AXIS Camera Companion helps you be among the first to make network video surveillance benefits easily available to these customers — opening a whole new world of possibilities for your business. And theirs.

  • Everything you need

With AXIS Camera Companion, offering cutting-edge digital IP surveillance solutions to a broader audience has never been easier — or more profitable.

  • Serve a broader range of customers


Ideally adapted for small installations, AXIS Camera Companion allows you to be among the first to make network video surveillance benefits easily available to this huge market segment. With its HDTV image quality, mobile live viewing, and easy-to-use interface, it will attract both existing and new customers to help you grow your surveillance business.

AXIS Camera Companion Installation Tutorial  Watch Video Click !

AXIS Camera Companion User Tutorial Watch Video Click !

Earn more and make life easier for yourself, too
With fast installation, minimum maintenance and an attractive price point, AXIS Camera Companion systems just make good business sense.

•    Quick, easy installation
•    Can operate even without a network in place
•    Easy system access with free viewing client, even remotely
•    No single point of failure
•    Minimum maintenance and support
•    Easy deployment of Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS) for extra reliability
•    Reuse existing analog cameras with Axis encoders
•    Offer a future-proof, scalable solution that opens the door for add-on sales of new cameras

Everything your customers need
Small-business owners may be cost-conscious, but they’re also increasingly interested in video surveillance that offers the same HDTV image quality they see in today’s consumer electronics. Not to mention the peace of mind and business possibilities associated with mobile and remote live monitoring. After all, how many people want a rotary phone or even a flip-phone anymore now that they’ve seen what smartphones can do?
It’s time your small-business customers had easy, affordable access to today’s advanced surveillance technology, don’t you think?

Give them the latest technology in an all-in-one, easy-to-use system
With AXIS Camera Companion, basically, everything your customers need is in the camera. They have direct access to the advanced surveillance functionality they need with the best picture quality — even on the go. It’s simple: install it, watch it, interact with it, depend on it.
•    HDTV-quality images
Just like your top-of-the-line HDTV at home
•    Viewing apps for iPhone, iPad and Android
so your customers can keep an eye on things in real time from anywhere in the world on a mobile device
•    Direct recording on each camera’s internal SD-card
means no need for DVRs, NVRs, computers or servers
•    Power over Ethernet for cameras
means you have minimum cables to run
•    Easy, straightforward operation
so your customers can manage things themselves
•    Encoder support for analog cameras
so customers with existing analog systems get an attractive path to the digital world
•    Future-proof scalability
means no extra charge or new equipment when adding cameras in the future as the system scales easily to 16 cameras

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